Thursday, May 21, 2009

That's grass , baby!

Yes , it's coming up! After all that time, all that work , and all that money the signs are there that we will have a lawn! It's only been nine days. I was willing to wait longer to see green but I'm gonna take it! Can you tell I'm excited? We'll probably have to over-seed in a few spots but that is to be expected. Yippee!
My Lupine is coming up great. The flower beds will look so much nicer when they are framed in green.

Doesn't that look pretty? It's funny that purple is my favorite color in the garden. It is my least favorite color for decorating inside. I have many purple perennials.The annuals I use to fill in are mostly purple : ageratum and lobelia. I like to put in a little white Sweet alyssum, too

I've made a few changes in my kitchen. This wall was looking too plain. Love the painting, but something else was needed.
What do you think? I used the wire basket for a long time over my stove to hold oils, spices , utensils.Now it's holding glasses. Just wanted a change. I have the brackets installed for shelves over the stove ...just have to get the actual shelves, now. When we remodeled the kitchen six years ago we decided not to have upper cabinets.I always wanted open shelves and it has taken this long to get moving on it. We went from a really cramped and tiny , falling apart kitchen and didn't want to close it in again with too much cabinetry. I'm happy with our galley-esque kitchen now , but there are still a few things on my punch-list. Someday I'll post pictures of the long and painful remodel.
I'll post about my wire collection,too. I love old and old looking wire baskets and holders. I've collected a bunch over several years. I've never spent a lot of money on them...they have to be cheap. I see them more and more now...and as with anything they cost more and more.

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  1. I love the wire basket, but you know how I feel about change in general.... hmph. Unless you've changed my walls with polka dots?