Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plymouth Harbor

Last Saturday night a very dear friend chartered a boat out of Plymouth Harbor to throw a Farewell Party for her son who he is headed to Iraq with the Army. It was a beautiful night..warm breezes , great company and lovely views.

My husband, Notanseladams.

Here is my role model for aging. She is a rare bird. The grandmother of the soon-to-be-deployed, she is 84 years old, almost 85. She's more fun than almost anyone I know (and I do know some fun people!) and never has a complaint about anything. (Except the policemen who try to put a stop to 4th of July festivities...but that's another story) She lost her husband of more than sixty years in early January of this year. They had a wonderful marriage and six children , eighteen grand children and one great-grand child. She has not changed her positive and generous spirit.

This is Duxbury Pier Lighthouse ,better known as Bug Light.

The back side of Plymouth Beach, a wonderful sandy beach.

And the was lovely that night. To Michael..and all the troops..I wish you safe return.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

I Wish You Could Smell This

We have had the rainiest and coolest (NOT as in Hip) summer I can ever remember here in Southeast Massachusetts. My garden has taken a pummeling with the rainfall. After seeding a new lawn we had torrential rainfall like I have never seen. A large amount of seed was washed away and spread where we don't need it. I had grass growing on my asphalt driveway! Made me think of the men who loose the hair on their heads only to have it cruelly grow on their backs!

We reseeded though, and have been paid back with what appears to be a thriving and healthy lawn. Finally.

An awful lot of seed ended in my flower beds. With all the rain and the busy summer I haven't had the chance to spend any real time weeding. Yesterday I spent the whole day pulling healthy grass out of the beds. I moved a few plants around and thinned my mint.

I love bringing mint in the house in vases.Just walking by it you get that wonderfully fresh whiff of mint.

We listened to rain all night and woke up this morning to another day of pouring rain.

I'm so glad I brought this in yesterday.....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a Difference a Paint Job Makes

This house on the Vineyard (Martha's , of course) was perfectly lovely ,though a little dark for a beach house, before the paint job.

The wood blinds were the same color as the wood paneling and flooring , making for an all over feel that was cozy but missing something.

And eeeew...I could do without that bedspread and that LAMP !!!

Painted and freshened up with new furnishings and rug it looks like a whole new place.

With the blinds still matching the wall color it doesn't seem quite so overwhelming since the floor now seems warm in color.

Lovely...I love what a good paint job can do !

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Herb Vase How-To

I saw this beautiful vase on Lisa Porter's blog (one of the loveliest blogs out there , by the way) not too long ago. I was so in love with it I had to give it a try.

Here's my first attempt...a little sloppy , I know, but the next one will be better.

Everything you need:
a receptacle ..I just used an old drinking glass
Lamb's Ear , several ( the plant please..not the animal)
Misc. other plants ( the tiny flowers I used are actually weeds)
double stick tape

There really is not much need for instructions....Just tape around the glass....

add leaves.......

add more tape.....

Add leaves and flowers or herbs in a way that is pleasing to you...

And voila !

I think it's pretty as is. I'm going to use this one to keep my cut herbs in water on the windowsill.

But next time I'm going to make some for table decorations for a party.

Her's an even easier idea. I wrapped one row of tape around a votive holder and added hydrangea leaves. Tied a piece of raffia around it to finish it off.

I have a party coming up in August and I will make a bunch of these for my screened porch.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Says it all.....

We were in Brant Rock on Saturday night. Went for a walk on the jetties and around the Marina.
It's a beautiful seaside town, just 20 minutes from where we live . I have many , many childhood and adult memories of time spent here.

I don't know if it was serendipity or design that these two boats were side by side. I just found it too good not to document. Click on the picture to zoom in .

When we were kids we spent endless days walking the jetty .Those days the tidal pools were teeming with life. Starfish , crabs ,and periwinkles everywhere. The most life we saw on Saturday was the seaweed draping itself over the rocks.

Back then , too , most of these houses were slightly shabby cottages. Most now are rehabbed and year-round homes.

I've always felt , as the boat names above say , that being near the ocean is a necessity for survival.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jackson Browne in Boston

Jackson Browne will be back in Boston on July 19. A and I have tickets. Oh.. Oh, it's the same day as Grandma's clambake!! I thought it was the 17th. It will be a busy day. This will be the third time I've seen Jackson Browne with A....seen him many times with B (AKA Notanseladams).
The picture here is A with Jackson when we saw him play the Calvin Theater in Northampton last yearish. (maybe a year and a half)
She grew up on his music and has loved him all her life. It was a thrill for her to get to meet him. I mean a real thrill. He was gracious and kind and she was in awe and starstruck. I almost didn't get the pictures because she only had eyes for him.
B and I met him several years before, after a show at Great Woods at a benefit for Friends of Boston's Homeless. He was charming , gracious and unbearded then. I think the beard is gone least I hope it is.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the @#*&% ???


Are you kidding me? Really...are you kidding me?
Yes, he made a huge contribution to Pop music.
To Pop music.
Pop music.

Charlie Gibson , I can't believe you are talking this way.
Charlie Gibson, I have lost all respect for you.
It would feel more right if it were one of the ding-a-lings from Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.
But still not right.

Michael Jackson, I have nothing against you. I understand your talent and even your appeal. I remember thinking "I'll Be There" was the greatest thing I had ever heard.
When I was ten.
Even my Dad said you would outgrow the rest of your family way back then.
You were a talented guy.
In Pop music.

You may have even done some really nice things for people.
I don't think you molested those kids.
I do think you were a victim of arrested development.
You were probably a wonderful father in a way that is very different from most other wonderful fathers.
You were the King of Pop music.
Pop music.

What the hell is wrong with this world?


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Potty People

Aren't these adorable? I got them at Wilgeshouse for $4.00 !! They are 4" tall and just quirky and whimsical enough for me. Just add a little black paint and a dab of hot glue and.......Voila!!!