Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the @#*&% ???


Are you kidding me? Really...are you kidding me?
Yes, he made a huge contribution to Pop music.
To Pop music.
Pop music.

Charlie Gibson , I can't believe you are talking this way.
Charlie Gibson, I have lost all respect for you.
It would feel more right if it were one of the ding-a-lings from Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.
But still not right.

Michael Jackson, I have nothing against you. I understand your talent and even your appeal. I remember thinking "I'll Be There" was the greatest thing I had ever heard.
When I was ten.
Even my Dad said you would outgrow the rest of your family way back then.
You were a talented guy.
In Pop music.

You may have even done some really nice things for people.
I don't think you molested those kids.
I do think you were a victim of arrested development.
You were probably a wonderful father in a way that is very different from most other wonderful fathers.
You were the King of Pop music.
Pop music.

What the hell is wrong with this world?



  1. I totally agree. So many people have their values in the wrong places. I liked his music way back, but he is not a hero or a role model. It's too bad that all the news channels have to cover this like it is a presidential funeral, and it is quite disgusting that so much money and effort is spent on his death when he wasted so much in his life.

  2. Diann,
    Just wanted to stop by and tell you that i added the information on making the lambs ear container from my lavender post. On another note, they are STILL honoring MJ tonight...might as well just turn the telly off and blog instead!
    Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  3. I am with you.....And if I don't stop seeing that poor, exploited child crying on TV in a 15 second sound byte, I am calling protective services......Trivia question: How many hands can you fit on a microphone?

  4. That was shameful.That was when she needed to be shielded and protected more than any other time. What is this...Rip off the veil that her loving father covered her with....At his Memorial you push her on stage and expose her to the largest crowd EVER?