Monday, July 13, 2009

Says it all.....

We were in Brant Rock on Saturday night. Went for a walk on the jetties and around the Marina.
It's a beautiful seaside town, just 20 minutes from where we live . I have many , many childhood and adult memories of time spent here.

I don't know if it was serendipity or design that these two boats were side by side. I just found it too good not to document. Click on the picture to zoom in .

When we were kids we spent endless days walking the jetty .Those days the tidal pools were teeming with life. Starfish , crabs ,and periwinkles everywhere. The most life we saw on Saturday was the seaweed draping itself over the rocks.

Back then , too , most of these houses were slightly shabby cottages. Most now are rehabbed and year-round homes.

I've always felt , as the boat names above say , that being near the ocean is a necessity for survival.

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