Friday, July 24, 2009

I Wish You Could Smell This

We have had the rainiest and coolest (NOT as in Hip) summer I can ever remember here in Southeast Massachusetts. My garden has taken a pummeling with the rainfall. After seeding a new lawn we had torrential rainfall like I have never seen. A large amount of seed was washed away and spread where we don't need it. I had grass growing on my asphalt driveway! Made me think of the men who loose the hair on their heads only to have it cruelly grow on their backs!

We reseeded though, and have been paid back with what appears to be a thriving and healthy lawn. Finally.

An awful lot of seed ended in my flower beds. With all the rain and the busy summer I haven't had the chance to spend any real time weeding. Yesterday I spent the whole day pulling healthy grass out of the beds. I moved a few plants around and thinned my mint.

I love bringing mint in the house in vases.Just walking by it you get that wonderfully fresh whiff of mint.

We listened to rain all night and woke up this morning to another day of pouring rain.

I'm so glad I brought this in yesterday.....

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