Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plymouth Harbor

Last Saturday night a very dear friend chartered a boat out of Plymouth Harbor to throw a Farewell Party for her son who he is headed to Iraq with the Army. It was a beautiful night..warm breezes , great company and lovely views.

My husband, Notanseladams.

Here is my role model for aging. She is a rare bird. The grandmother of the soon-to-be-deployed, she is 84 years old, almost 85. She's more fun than almost anyone I know (and I do know some fun people!) and never has a complaint about anything. (Except the policemen who try to put a stop to 4th of July festivities...but that's another story) She lost her husband of more than sixty years in early January of this year. They had a wonderful marriage and six children , eighteen grand children and one great-grand child. She has not changed her positive and generous spirit.

This is Duxbury Pier Lighthouse ,better known as Bug Light.

The back side of Plymouth Beach, a wonderful sandy beach.

And the was lovely that night. To Michael..and all the troops..I wish you safe return.

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  1. Hi Diann thankyou so much for the piece of checked fabric, it was a lovely surprise, and i will put it to good use very soon.i am now one of your followers! You meet the nicest people on the net! this is my blog site if you are interested, thanks again, Amanda

  2. Beautiful sunset, looks like a wonderful day. Thanks for coming by today.

  3. Beautiful pictures...btw: I LOVE sunsets...and sunrises too :o)