Monday, March 16, 2009

Happinesss is........

It's a little early here to start planting outside but I'm ready to start seeds indoors. We were teased , as so often happens in this "wait a minute" climate, with a beautiful weekend only to wake to a dreary and raw Monday. Ah well, better Monday than Sunday. I filled my flats with seed-starter mix and soaked them. I'll plant this week and in the next few weeks to get things started.
I dream of some day having a greenhouse. Only a dream,though. The list of things that come before that is a mile long. I am happy to see so many things starting to poke through the ground. The color in our yard is an awful grayish -brown that I can't wait to be rid of.

The crocuses are coming up around the River Birch. We planted the Birch 2 years ago and it is my favorite of all the landscaping decisions we have made. The bark is a cinnamon color and it peels back so beautifully. I really have to plant some purple crocuses this fall.

Things will be bursting soon.

I also spent the weekend turning hems on a couple jobs I have going. Yes. I hand-hem the bottom and sides of most drapery jobs. This is tedious but it pays off in the final product.


  1. hey diann~
    i was wondering if you and miss zevon might be interested in joining myself and miss neely in a walk sometime in the next week or so? the weather's getting warmer and the girls love to play together. i hate to have to wait until james has a day off to take them out together, because the two dogs at once is a little much right now until neely's more properly trained, and i thought it would be a nice time for the two of us.
    let me know what you think.

    let me

  2. Its great when things start coming to life and washing away all the dull tones of winter with vibrant colours of spring. Good luck with the seed trays, i'll look forward to seeing their progress