Monday, March 2, 2009

Leonard Cohen

This man....this man is touring. And I won't get to see him. I love a live music show..we go to a lot of them. A variety of different genres, too. But, oh my god...this is the one that could make me swoon. Just a few weeks ago..I re watched I'm Your Man again and fantasized about seeing him live. W (my husband) assured me that we would see him if he ever chose to tour again. I laughed at the silly boy and told him I thought it wasn't likely to happen.

W came home Friday night with a clipping about the tour.. A (our daughter) emailed me from Edinburgh about the tour...Yes! Boston.. at the Wang..on our Anniversary! Tickets went on sale this morning...and promptly, I mean promptly sold out. I tried online..I tried by phone..I tried, and I cried.

I am hoping they add another date. Please, please, please. I can't believe L. Cohen will be in Boston and I won't be able to see him. He is 74 years old and this is his first tour in 15 years. Did you see him recite Tower of Song when he was inducted , finally, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I want to see him. stomp , stomp. Stomp.

If you haven't seen I'm Your Man then I suggest you watch it. You are in for a treat. A sublime musical and documentary experience awaits you.


  1. .... This makes me sad. But don't give up hope just yet, Mum! Ace Tickets may be your salvation. After all, I'm still going to Jackson Browne on April 3rd

  2. I immediately went to American Express to see if they had any tickets left(no, I didn't win on Friday night...maybe Tuesday), but alas, I am not a Gold Card member. Even so, I don't think they had any tickets. Now, if you wanted to go to Chicago....