Friday, February 27, 2009

A couple more Window Seats........

I made this cushion, pillows and shade for a closet/dressing room. Oh, to have that much space! I love the how the light can come through the Relaxed Roman shade but still provide privacy. This one was for a child's room. There was a nice mix of fabrics and textures...colors and trims.Having just a valance works well with the blinds.


  1. Wow those are really cool! I love window seats.

  2. WOWOWOW!! A closet dressing room...? That's amazing and your work is beautiful! Just discovered your blog on the Etsy forum thread - come visit "me" when you have a chance:

  3. Mummie, those relaxed romans are gorgeous... sort of like relaxed Romans... (do you see what your daughter did there?)