Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Federal Valances

These pictures show what a difference a slight change in installation can make. These Federal Valances are made to mount on three seperate boards. The first two pictures show them mounted with all three boards at the same height.This gives a different look from the usual Federal where they are mounted on a single board and the fabric is straight across the top.
The next two pictures show an installation done differently. The center board is mounted slightly higher than the two side boards. I prefer this to the first style. The client preferred the first style.

Federals look and hang best when the hem is edged with some type of trim, whether it is fringe or even a self-pipe. I've often finished the hem with a contrast fabric or a bias cut border of the body fabric. They most often are a formal treatment but with the right fabric they can also be casual.The Pinch Pleat panels under the valances add to the formal feel of this room.

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  1. Lovely window treatments! I agree, I like the second way they were mounted better.