Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am so happy to see the crocus spikes popping through the mulch. It's on the way. Spring , that is. It's been one of those winters here in New England. Snow has been on the ground for a very long time now. While I do love the Winter...I am always ready to see it leave. I have big plans for the garden this year. I even have two new raised beds waiting to be filled. I am going to try this year to get my peas in by St. Patty's Day. I have always heard that it's the best time to start them , but I've never been able to get them in so soon.

Our girl Zevon had an unplanned play-date today when a roving dog from a few streets over stopped by. Our last dog was a wanderer....what a love she was ,though. She would see our boys getting in their football equipment and show up at the field. One time my friend picked us up for church and then went back to pick up her son. Fritz,the usher, was leading her out by the collar as we walked in. Almost everyone in town knew her. Even the grouchy lady down the street had a soft spot for her. I know it's irresponsible to let a dog wander like that. She just loved her family and was always watching out for us. She was a beautiful black lab.

When we got Zevon we had an electric fence installed. Best idea ever. She trained easily with it. We've never had to worry about her leaving .Well, Dolly had a much younger family to look after and no electric fence so I can forgive her wandering. Zevon will be five on June 29th , she no longer wears the fence collar, and she's always there when I call her.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Adorable pup! I love my dogs, even when they are playing loudly (like right now). Here's to spring, can't wait to see your garden! I need to work on my green thumb...

  2. More, please.

    Also, our house is MY dream home