Monday, February 16, 2009

Flat Romans

I make a lot of Roman Shades.They work as a stand alone window treatment or as a layer under panels. They are my favorites; when lowered they provide absolute privacy and can be raised to any height to allow maximum exposure. There are many styles of Romans. Flat romans are just that- when lowered they hang straight and flat and when raised they fold into neat pleats. These Flat Romans have a contrast banding on the side and a small attached valance.

These pretty green and pink Romans are made for a bedroom/bath suite. The green stripe in the bath is banded at the bottom with the pink from the bedroom.....and the bedroom pink is banded with the bath green.

You can make a big statement using very little fabric.

You can see how neatly they stack up when they are raised. A wooden cord tassel
finishes off the end of the cords.

These Romans were made to provide privacy at night and the client wanted them to almost disapear during the day. They don't take away at all from the lovely view.

These cute inside mount Romans are trimmed at the hem with fringe. Depending on the fabrics and trims used a Roman Shade can be formal or casual;traditional or contempoary.

Flat Romans seemed to be the perfect choice for this cozy bay. The window seat cushion and pillows are the right finishing touch.

Here are a couple more examples of simple contrast banding at the hem adding a subtle but important touch to the shades.

The ease of operation of a Roman shade in any style is helped immensly by using a cord lock. With a cord lock you can lock the shade in any position. When cords hang long and young children are likely to be around you should also mount a cord cleat to hold the cords out of reach.


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