Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter's Passing

This was a cheery sight outside my kitchen window on a dreary day.Winter is slowly's cold and rainy today....but I can feel the promise of Spring coming!

We had a great day yesterday. Went to the ICA in Boston (What a beautiful place!!) to see the Shepard Fairy Supply and Demand exhibit. Our son had already seen it but went with us anyway. Thank you. Enjoyed it immensely, and it was nice to have a younger voice via our son to guide us through. If anyone out there has access to this, I highly recommend it. No matter what your political leanings are it provokes thought. It is in Boston through August. Our daughter will be home from Scotland in late May and I'll be going with her again.

After the museum we went to Redbones in Davis Square in Sommerville. A really fun place....very casual and great barbecue. Our son's girlfriend joined us for dinner...just love her! We sat at the counter facing into the kitchen. It's a tiny kitchen with a wood burning grill and five or six guys moving around like a well-oiled machine. It was REALLY busy and we got there at 5:00. Delicious!

We went back to our son's apartment in Cambridge to pick up my niece (His roommate...I love it!) because we were all going to the Ryan Adams show at the Orpheum. My husband and I have been to so many shows there over the course of our many years on this earth and I am sure the biggest change that has happened is that there is no longer smoking . It's a rare old gem of a building. Some people love..some hate it. I am a lover. The show was terrific. Our seats, however, were not. I'm okay with being in the balcony...second row from the back...and sitting with my knees up to my chin. What really is not okay is having a group of people sitting behind you having a full on..loud,louder,loudest conversation. A girl sitting beside them asked nicely if they could respect the fact that we were all trying to enjoy the show and their loud and constant talking was affecting the enjoyment of everyone. Most everyone around us ,us included, gave a group "here! here!'' to her . The answer back? "That's why they have the big speakers..get over it." There was some more back and forth and they continued on. Rude . Inconsiderate. All those things. We ended up going downstairs at intermission, thinking we would just hang around the lounge area and listen to the rest of the show. We were lucky enough to be able to walk onto the floor area and see the show from the back. Thank you rude, selfish, inconsiderate concert-goers, it was a great spot to be.

I'm always happy that the younger part of our family is willing to hang out with us. We're very lucky that way.

I am so ready to be looking at green grass and flowers again. Can't wait to get the garden going again so we can looking at this.....

And this.........

And this..........

And this again!!!!

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  1. I'm really sad I'm going to miss the hydrangeas....