Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny had to get an early start around here. It's a long way to Scotland. Yes , she's in college , but we still have to send A an Easter basket...and it wouldn't be complete without bubbles. Her basket was packed and shipped off to Edinburgh yesterday.

I don't usually make cookies this early and it was nice to get them done. I used the sugar cookie recipe I use for my Christmas cookies. It's a Martha recipe...I just add a little grated lemon peel to give it a Springy feel.

I find the best way to go is to use parchment . I load the first two sheets in the oven and then lay out the cut cookies on two more sheets. When the first batch comes out of the oven I just slide the parchment off the cookie sheets and lay the the next batch,already on parchment ,onto the sheets.This makes things go a lot waiting for the cookies to cool before putting taking them off the sheets.

I used to make a lamb cake every year. That's a cake in the shape of a lamb; not a cake made of lamb. I didn't make one last year.....Not sure if I will make one this year.

W gets a kick out of watching me do the cookies. He doesn't actually watch me make them...he passes through the kitchen between periods in the Bruins game. He said,"You are out of your mind" a few times before I was done.

Call me crazy, but it is something I really enjoy. Always have. It's a shame that when the kids were little it was much more difficult to find the time to do these things.

I used to use disposable pastry bags with adapters and tips to decorate the cookies. I love to use the squeeze bottles now. They are perfect with Royal Icing. I love Gel or Paste food coloring because they are so concentrated they go a very long way.

Looks like a lot of work but it really goes fast once you get on a roll.

Bunnies,of course.

Pretty eggs.....

Speckled eggs...

Little chicks......

More eggs.....

Bag 'em up.......

Add the candy and the all-important bubbles and....Voila!


  1. Diann, you put me to shame!! Those are beautiful!

  2. despite the fact that i cant eat them, i am in love with your cookies and watch with envy as james devours them. i have to say, though, i was particularly enamored with the black and yellow lab cookies - those were the best!!

  3. WOW. Whoever is getting that basket is a lucky girl... :)

  4. Wow you are good!!! your cookies are AMAZING!!! Happy Easter!

  5. I must remind myself to come back and read this post next year so I can make these in time for easter 2010! So cute!

  6. If Eddie Ross is commenting on your cookies.. They must be good.. Nice job.. I can truly say the cookies not only look good but they taste great too!

  7. I have to say, that as the recipient of that Easter basket, it's nice to know my parents love me more than other parents love their kids.