Monday, November 16, 2009

Hollywood or Tackywood

Have you seen Christina Aguilera's house in Instyle Magazine? Whoa ,there! Even the adorable baby doesn't keep my eyes from hurting. Not only is this closet ugly...but as a child of the seventies's beyond tacky. I thought we were coming back to a time where conspicuous consumption is not a source of pride.

I saw Mariah Carey once on some Oprah Donahue 20 60 48 show. The interview was quite a long time ago.....before the breakdown disguised as exhaustion happened. She was talking about what a kind, generous and giving soul she was. They showed her at a camp she started for kids who...geez, I'm not sure who they were. I think it was Camp Mariah Adoration. Anyway, they showed her Snow Whiting among the kids wearing a tiny tank top over her giant top and trying to balance the whole shabang on these high heels. Sooo....then they went to Mariah's New York apartment. Her closet/compound is larger than the average gymnasium.The closet alone is 3000 square feet. All chandelierey and sparkly. She had a separate closet for lingerie...and then...can you believe this?!? she proceeded to model a few of her favorite negligees. You can picture the shoe closet, I'm sure. My point is ,though, that when you have that much crap you should really keep it to yourself. It's just so braggy and cheesy to show it all off. And you shouldn't go from bragging about all the good you do in the world to showing how much more you have than everyone else.

Ok...back to X-Tina.The playroom is enough to cause seizures before you go near the video games. Her husband must love the pink pool table.

I have enough trouble sleeping now. I can't imagine trying to drift off to sleep in this bordello-inspired bedroom. How long a list can you make on what's wrong with this room?


  1. YIKES! I always tell my husband...if only they could give half of all that to charity...and they would still have more than 99.9% could ever dream of having!!!


  2. I don't think moderation or edit are words in X-tina's vocabulary. While I love the idea of a mega-hugic closet, I'm not lovin' her decor or color scheme.
    Thanks so much for paying me a visit earlier and for your thoughtful comments, always appreciated!

  3. I could not agree more! It's the height of ugly.