Monday, November 9, 2009

A Turkey of a Deal

I love Martha. I've loved her for a long time. This year she's selling turkeys. When she announced this on her show today I thought,
"I'm sure they will be more expensive than your average bird but the quality is sure to be there".

Then she sweetened the deal with the announcement that, till midnight tonight, if you added the code Martha15 at checkout you would save $15.00. Wow! That's quite a savings !
So I checked it out.....

12 lb. Turkey.....................69.99
18 lb Turkey......................89.99

No,that's not a typo. Martha wants you to pay $5.00 and up per pound for a turkey.

Okay, okay you may say. It's Martha quality. And it can't be easy to ship a turkey. But shipping is not included in that price.

I checked shipping rates for my address....

12 lb. Turkey...................45.44
18 lb. Turkey...................58.25

So, Martha, even with the great $15.00 off offer I will not be buying my turkey from you this year. I think I can buy a turkey and all the fixings for side dishes and desserts and a bowl of nuts for what you want me to pay for one turkey.

Thanks for the offer, though.
I do still love you.
But I liked you a whole lot more before you were such a shill.

What do you think?


  1. Sheesh is it at least organic for that price?! I'd have to skip it at that price too...but I still love her and her "good things!"

    :) T

  2. YIKES!! I bet they speak (or rather, spoke) French or something ridiculous...Just like the chickens. Now, I have some living just behind my house, which we could get for a "steal" if you don't mind a few feathers!!

  3. For that price the turkey should walk to your house and cook itself.

  4. Bless her heart, Martha's out of her ever lovin' mind!

  5. Oh My Martha,

    I assume she doesn't do her own grocery shopping. Heck if I rack up enough "super special grocery points" I can get a FREE turkey at my local grocery store :-)