Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swags and Jabots

When I first started making Window Treatments the most commonly asked for style was Swags and Jabots. (Today it is Pinch Pleat Panels...before that Roman Shades..and before that it was Balloons. )The sheer Swags above help to create a very inviting bath. The Swags are draped, in two colors, over a decorative pole with gathered panels on the side.
These Swag are draped, along with a center Jabot and gathered panels, on a fabric covered pole. The rosy sheer fabric makes for a very feminine touch.
The Swags and Jabots below are mounted on 3 small boards and trimmed with rosettes.

The Swags in these pictures are called Bustle Swags. They are free hanging, usually set with a drapery pin, and hooked in a ring over Panels. A trim applied along the hem adds kind of an outline around the Swags.

Below are Draped Swags with Jabots ,again edged with trim.

These are more traditional Swags and Jabots. Lovely in the silk shown below, which is interlined to add softness. Jabots can be mounted either over or under the Swags.

A fun, yet somewhat formal candy-stripe.

These Swgs and Jabots are beautiful in the chocolate brown silk and elaborately trimmed. A very formal look.

Another formal silk and fringe look, this time with the Jabots mounted over the Swags. This is a beautiful Dining Room.

This Dining Room is formal but features a fun purple wall color that is repeated as the lining for the Jabots and in the fringe that is applied at the hem of the Swags the and edges of the Jabots. The client designed this style herself and was very happy with the results.


  1. Wow, all very fun and elegant designs! Nice work!

  2. I love the striped silk jabots, ferrilz

  3. Looking for directions on how to make swag valance- the ones you refer to as a bustle swag (free hanging). I will be adding fringe to bottom and adding to the top of a pre-made drapery panel. I have made swag with Jabot treatments that were mounted on wood. I believe the sawg is cut in the shape of an eye? The wodth of the rod and two times the length of the drop? Can you provide direction? Should they be lined? Thank you so much for your time, Pam

  4. You do beautiful work! Pam (Oakley, CA)

  5. I want the ones in the formal dining room my window is 110 x 63?? much for the labor??

  6. please give us the patterns for these curtains ,...pretty please...e-mail them to me at!!!crazy about these beautiful curtains!!

  7. Whoa! That's some simple yet cool swags and jabots you got there! I would like to use them when the spring season arrives, replacing my blinds. Indianapolis, where my neighborhood is located which is pretty peaceful, opening my windows with my thin curtains flowing inside makes it a fine view to see, even though dust seldom dirties my curtains, that's why going for dry cleaning (Indianapolis-based cleaners) is a good choice.